OMP 0.1.1 – Metadata Updates

A new version of OMP was released today! Check the Install Instructions for how to install OMP.

This new update focuses on improving reading and interpreting of metadata. Especially when mass-reading a folder and all of its folders recursively. There’s also a new section of the Configuration GUI for metadata.

Screenshot of the Main Content tab of OMP.

Change Log


  • Metadata configuration panel.
  • Ability to choose to prefer embedded cuesheet data or external cuesheet data.
  • Ability to choose to prefer a multi-file cuesheet’s metadata or the music
    file’s metadata.
  • Configuration panel chooser more reliably changes the panel when clicked.
  • Larger panel title.
  • Name column header for panel chooser is now hidden.
  • More tooltips in the configuration GUI.


  • Various file error crash fixes.
  • Duplicates of the same music files are no longer added.
  • The setting in the configuration GUI to deselect all when empty space in a row is clicked is no longer broken.
  • Bug that prevented saving metadata edits fixed.


  • The file reading error log is restyled, more detailed, and less broken.
  • The tab fonts are now much larger to fill the space of the tabs.

Patreon Updates

I’ve missed the early updates a lot recently. I’m sorry for that. I’ve better organized the Project Page for OMP 0.2 to help me get back into the 2-week release schedule. The workload I’ve dedicated for each two weeks should mostly allow for me to stay on schedule. Checkout the 0.2 Project Page for what updates are coming soon and thei projected release date. Remember, all early releases are a week before the date set on the Project Page!

A new look and the new Metadata panel for the Configuration GUI.

OMP 0.1.2 – Next Update

For the next two weeks I am going to work on resolving a few issues related to metadata. Here are the issues:

  • Unhelpful or wrong errors after reading certain files. These issues were primarily resolved with 0.1.1, but I’m going to do some more testing to help me make sure.
  • Add support for cuesheets with two or more files that have multiple tracks for each file. This type of cuesheet is generally for vinyl.

I’m also going to continue working on trying to get the Flathub build of OMP’s Flatpak finally released. I will upload an OMP 0.1.1 Flatpak here by next Sunday when 0.1.1 is publicly available.

Upcoming New Website Design

I’m working on a new design for the website. It’s based on the current one and will be entirely custom. It will be added sometime in the next few days. Get ready for a more pleasant experience on!


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