OMP Pre-Alpha 0.0.21

Version 0.0.21 if OMP has been released! Check the Install Instructions page for how to install it.

OMP 0.0.21 on has two small features. The keyboard shortcuts configuration now allows not setting a keyboard shortcut and it also now allows loading the default of a single keyboard shortcut. 

You may also have noticed some changes to the website. I’ve simplified and highly modified the theme I’m using. I will eventually make a new theme for the website that will be even better.

OMP Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.22: Flatpak Support

The only feature of OMP 0.0.22 will be support of more distributions via Flatpak! All there is left to do for OMP’s first alpha version is some minor bug fixing and code clean up! December 30th is OMP’s first alpha release!

Check the In Progress section of the OMP 0.1 Project Page for more details!

Thank you to my Patrons!


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