OMP’s Next Release – 0.1.2

I decided to not release the small updates I planned 0.1.2 and instead focus on getting the new website design stable. That is now true. I will release the updates planned for it with playback history in OMP 0.1.2 on March 10th for Patrons and March 17th to the public! There is finally a previous track button in OMP! Here’s what OMP looks like now.

Main Content view of OMP with the new Previous Track button.

OMP 0.1.2 Features

  • Playback history.
  • Previous track support.
  • Hopefully progress on the Flathub release.
  • Fix a cuesheet bug.
  • Improve error messages for errors when reading metadata.
  • Simple metadata guessing for missing album, artist, disc number, disc total, and track total. To be later replaced by MusicBrainz support or something similar.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for your patience with this next release! I really wanted to improve the user experience with the website and make it feel unique before fully continuing with development. OMP 0.1.2 is coming in 12 days!


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