Flatpak Install Instructions

This guide will help you install OMP’s Flatpak from source or the official Flatpak precompiled official release. This guide assumes the user has Flatpak working on their distribution. Skip to Step 5 if you are skipping compiling.

OMP Flatpak Manifest
Precompiled OMP Flatpak

Step 1
: Download the official OMP Flatpak manifest text file from OMP’s GitHub.

Step 2: Create a new directory and copy the Flatpak manifest into it.

mkdir omp-flathub
mv com.openmusicplayer.OMP omp-flathub/
cd omp-flathub

Step 3: Build the Flatpak.

flatpak-builder build-dir com.openmusicplayer.OMP.json --force-clean

Step 4: Create a temporary folder repository for OMP’s Flatpak.

flatpak-builder --repo=repo --force-clean build-dir com.openmusicplayer.OMP.json

Step 5: Delete the previous OMP repo if it exists (and extract the folder repo that contains precompiled OMP Flatpak if you skipped to this step.)

flatpak --user remote-delete --force omp-repo

Step 6: Create a new OMP repo and move the temporary one into it.

flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify omp-repo repo

Step 7: Install Flatpak from the new local repository.

flatpak --user --reinstall install omp-repo com.openmusicplayer.OMP

Step 8: Run OMP.

flatpak run com.openmusicplayer.OMP