Early Weekly News Update

I’m still working on the remove duplicates algorithm for when adding a large directory of files. It will definitely be finished next week. I’m also still working on getting Flathub to accept my pull request for OMP. I’ll provide more details next Sunday. Hopefully it will be merged by then.

The update next week will be a new interface in the Configuration GUI for editing settings involved with the duplicate removing alogrithm. It will be called Metadata. I’m also working on resolving some bugs with reading cue sheet files because the duplicates algorithm will only take me a day or two longer. When removing duplicates, there will be a secondary progress bar displayed showing progress of sorting through all the files in a grouping in order to remove duplicates.

Read the In Progress section of the 0.2 Projects Section of OMP’s GitHub to see all the details of what will be released with version 0.1.1 of OMP next Sunday!

Thanks for your interest and patience!
– DJ


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